Any physical anomaly, such as a mismatch between body parts (external) and gender (internal) or other birth imperfection is not God’s desire or intent. As Christians, shall we unlike Jesus, turn away from our T-gender brothers and sisters born clearly with a physical imperfection that is obviously a product of inherited sin? Or shall we, like Jesus, embrace them, shower them with benevolent acceptance and in so doing live up to the one commandment that sums up all the rest: “love your neighbor as yourself”? Must we add to their physical burden by “blessing” them with ostracism from something we and they inherited from no fault of our own? Let us never forget that sin involves acts of commission or omission, not our physical package that serves as a vessel for our soul.


New Bill Would Allow Boys to Play on Girls Teams, Share “Facilities” | Pacific Justice Institute. As a Christian I must equally applaud and critique if and when it is applicable. This headline would be factually correct if indeed sports teams and “facilities” were becoming co-ed. Such is NOT the case. An objectively factual title would have been: New Bill would allow transgender boys to Play on Girls Teams, to use Girls “Facilities.”


Note: the proper medical term for “transgender boys” is actually transgender females; also no need for euphemisms….we know the implied meaning of “facilities.”

I, as you, seek the truth. I grew up in the Catholic religion and yet I fully realize that Christians of all faiths, denominations, cultures, and races comprise the church of God. As such, I endeavor to practice faith daily, seek out the absolute truths of God and who God is while experiencing personal subjective truths about me that make myself and all of us a note in God’s melody of creation. Rather than seek religion, I seek fellowship with all of God’s creation no matter their religion.

The choice to believe in this or that, or the choice not to believe in a creator at all is just that–a choice. I was born into Christianity (Catholic) and fully understand the “captive audience” of children born into other faiths. I have made my own choice of believing in the Christ(mas) story that began over 2,000 years ago. For me, the story of Jesus makes complete sense. The story of Jesus answers the questions I have had since childhood about why we must die, why there is evil, why there is temptation, why there is greed, why people live for today but die tomorrow….and promises to fix all of that…to make us complete….if we trust and believe the Christ(mas) story handed to us in writing. I have chosen to believe it and I will do my very best to show why Jesus has said “no one comes to the father but through me.”